Salad Flower - Slab Of Seeds

R 99.95

The ‘Slab of Seed’  is our original invention, handmade from a special blend of organically enriched super-soil and infused with the finest Heirloom seed sourced from expert farmers from around the world. The slab itself will hold water 3x longer than the soil it is planted in, is easy to space and plant and the added soil pro-biotics improve the growth of the plant and the taste of the harvest. This Slab of Seed will grow you 3 delicious heirloom* salad flowers varieties: Bouquet Dill – Star-flower Borage – Viola (*Heirloom seed is the purest & oldest seed on earth – read below why I chose these delicious varieties)

  • SPROUTS IN: 10 – 16 days
  • HARVEST IN: 8 – 12 weeks
  • PICK FOR: 8+ weeks
  • GROWS ‘SOW’ MUCH: 12 block slab – 1 block yields  = 100+ flowers

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